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ndi○ng its sales networ○k in the past ●few years thro○ugh new openings〓 and acquisiti■

ons of smaller chain〓s. Before t●he troubles o○f its form◆er chairman hit in ○2008, the company ●had 1,300 〓stores, to Suning's ●850.That maddening■ pace is coming to ■an end. "It○'s about t■ime for Gome ○to take a differe●nt approach t

han in● the past," sa■id Wu Meiping, analy●st from Essenc●e Securities.Des■pite its scal○e, Gome ac●tually trai●ls Suning in sal○es per store, ◆which some ?/p>

鬭ttribute to poo○r layout and di○sorderly di■splay. For Gome, the〓 ratio of renting


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to sales re●venue per store is 4●.1, but the figur●e is 3.0 for● Suning, said ●Wu.Apart from openin●g stores at good loc〓ations repla○cing old poorly perf

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■orming ones, Gome○ will increase th■e stock of sm●all electr〓ical appliance■s, like wa〓ter heaters and juic〓e blenders, 〓because they can o○f

fer higher pro〓fit margin, He sa●id.The small a●ppliances' profit m■argins aver■age at 20 to● 30 percent. Small a○ppliances curren■tly account ●for 12 per○cent of Gome's〓 total sales, H◆e said.He ■said Gome will● be

partnering w●ith its suppliers to● create a more c■omfortable and co■nvenient pu〓rchasing env○ironment by● resetting● product display ●and in

creasi○ng service ef〓ficiency.At the○ beginning of t●his year, Ch●ina launched an■other round of ○home applianc●e promotions i〓n rural ar〓eas.

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